Cor Jesu athlete playing softball

The Heart of Integrity

Whether on stage, in the studio or on the field, Cor Jesu students live and learn with integrity, honesty and compassion. Through co-curricular experiences in athletics, clubs and the arts, Cor Jesu students find places to pursue their passions and foster new friendships.

Cor Jesu students playing lacrosse

Athletics A Place to Compete

The field of competition is open to any Cor Jesu student seeking to improve her talents,  develop sportsmanship and represent her school. A position with the Cor Jesu Chargers promises a high-performance environment emphasizing accountability, leadership and teamwork as athletes achieve their goals.

  • Cor Jesu's soccer team during a game.
  • Cor Jesu basketball game
  • Cor Jesu student plays Field Hockey
  • The Chargers dance team performs a cheer for Cor Jesu athletes.
  • The Cor Jesu Academy swim team
  • Cor Jesu Academy Tennis player.
  • Cor Jesu athlete pole vaulting
  • Cor Jesu Volleyball
  • Cor Jesu golf tryouts 2017.

Fall Sports

  • Cross-Country NC
  • Field Hockey V JV F NC
  • Golf V JV
  • Softball V JV
  • Tennis V JV
  • Volleyball V JV F
  • Bocce Club NC

Winter Sports

  • Basketball V JV F
  • Cheerleading V
  • Swimming & Diving V
  • Racquetball Club NC

Spring Sports

  • Lacrosse V JV
  • Soccer V JV F
  • Track & Field V JV NC
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club NC
  • Curling Club NC
  • Bocce Club NC
  • V - Varsity
  • JV - Junior Varsity
  • F - Freshman
  • NC - No Cut Sport
  • Cor Jesu student in art classroom sculpting with clay

    Fine Arts A Place to Express

    Many Cor Jesu students find their voice among the arts. We offer rich studies in visual and performance art in which students learn to appreciate the historical significance of the arts while exploring their role in our future.

    • Cor Jesu in the performing arts
    • Cor Jesu's Choir performing
    • Cor Jesu's dance team performing.
    • Mary Kate Mimlitz won the Miki for her art submission.
    • A Cor Jesu orchestra flutist
    • Cor Jesu students performing Ann of Green Gables in Fall 2017.


    • Multiple Choirs
    • Symphonic Orchestra
    • Music Theory

    Visual Arts

    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Ceramics
    • Design & Studio Art
    • Independent Study in Art

    Performing Arts

    • Fall Play
    • Spring Musical
    • Speech Team
    • Theatre Class
    • Dance

    Co-Curriculars A Place to Grow

    New ideas and communities form around common ground. In more than 35 co-curriculars, Cor Jesu students embrace shared interests in faith, education, culture and so much more. These clubs and teams offer students invaluable places to learn from and lead one another outside the classroom.

    • Cor Jesu students using technology in the classroom
    • Student members of the Cor Jesu Anthro Club
    • The Benin Babies club sells pretzels to raise funds at Cor Jesu.
    • Students of the Cor Jesu Film club
    • Cor Jesu's Pro Life club
    • The Student Council (Stuco) club at Cor Jesu Academy.
    • Art Club
    • Chargers in Prayer
    • Christian Action Reaching Everyone
    • Corde Players
    • Corette Newspaper
    • Diversity Club
    • FIRST® Robotics Team
    • Mock Trial Team
    • National Honor Society
    • Student Council
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