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The Heart of Education

Cor Jesu Academy offers a challenging, yet rewarding educational journey that fosters confidence and self-discovery in our students. Whether in the classroom or in our halls, our young women are surrounded by people and resources committed to moving them toward their potential.

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A Rich Curriculum

No matter her interests, a student is sure to find a passion to pursue at Cor Jesu. Our curriculum is carefully designed to expose students to a diverse array of subjects, classes and teaching styles. Complemented by studies in theology and charism, the Cor Jesu curriculum is a foundation upon which unique, well-rounded young women may grow.

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A College-Ready Environment

The Cor Jesu experience prepares young women to achieve at the college level. Students enjoy innovative teaching techniques and hands-on experiences that drive engagement and invite inspiration.

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We offer more than 50 honors and college-level courses that place students in more rigorous learning environments with like-minded peers.


Each Cor Jesu student leases a laptop for academic use throughout the year, expanding opportunities for self-learning and classroom engagement.


Our eight-block schedule is designed to resemble a typical college schedule, with four 85-minute classes meeting every other day.


Succeeding at Cor Jesu means knowing that you have a loving, supportive team behind you, including a dedicated Student Learning Center staff, a wellness counselor and a college counselor.

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A Real-World Experience

Cor Jesu is proud to offer the Corporate Partners Initiative (CPI), a one-of-a-kind program, that enables students to apply classroom teachings and explore career opportunities at more than 80 of the region’s top companies. This on-site, hands-on exposure empowers students to make more informed decisions about their college, their major, and ultimately their career choice.

The Corporate Partnership Initiative:

  • Directs students to careers that fit their passions
  • Fosters professional mentorships and self-guided career opportunities
  • Opens a door for internships and employment opportunities
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