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The Heart of Community

Walk our halls and you’ll feel an unmistakable warmth as students and faculty interact. In true Catholic spirit, we look after our students, pick them up if they fall behind and find places in our community where they may shine.

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Opening Minds

Students learn best when they take time to understand their unique learning style. Cor Jesu’s Student Learning Center is home to our academic support staff, who work one-on-one with students to help them achieve their highest potential. More than 50% of students take advantage of the Student Learning Center as we identify unique learning styles, overcome challenges and maximize strengths in the classroom.

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Serving Students

Disciplined study habits are the foundation of a student’s success at Cor Jesu. Each Cor Jesu freshman is enrolled in a study skills course that exposes her to the skills and techniques needed to achieve in class, in college and in her career.

All Cor Jesu students enjoy opportunities to improve:

  • Organizational Planning
  • Time Management
  • Test Anxiety
  • Memory Strategies

Fostering Success

Student empowerment and well-being are nurtured throughout our community. Cor Jesu’s Counseling Department provides comprehensive services that enhance our students’ personal wellness and college readiness. From their first day, Cor Jesu students are assigned two four-year counselors: a wellness counselor specializing in mental and emotional health and a college counselor focusing on college admissions.

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The Counseling Department provides:

  • Wellness Weeks
  • “Open Door” Access to Counselors
  • College Jumpstart Summer Camp
  • College Kick-Off Fair

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