We are thrilled to welcome bright, spirited young women into the Cor Jesu community. Our admissions process is designed to connect us with as many qualified applicants as possible and ensure that we admit those who are the best fit. Below is an overview of the process.

  1. Archdiocesan Application

    Complete the Archdiocesan application, listing Cor Jesu as your top school choice along with second and third choice schools.

  2. Cor Jesu Application

    Complete a Cor Jesu application during our admissions window. The application will open in October 2019.

  3. Transcript

    Cor Jesu requires an academic transcript. If you are currently enrolled in a parochial school, your school will submit your transcript to us. If you are attending another private or public school, request your transcript be sent to us.

  4. Interview

    Participate in a one-on-one interview with a Cor Jesu faculty or staff member as we get to know each prospective student. Interview appointments will be held in January 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions